My most recent project is Able,
an A/B testing framework for Jamstack applications.

Able makes it easy to set up and track A/B tests for Jamstack applications on Cloudflare’s edge network, using Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Workers KV. It also incorporates Umami, an open-source, privacy-centric analytics tool, in order to analyze how different variations of an application perform during the A/B test.

I built Able as a collaborative effort as part of a fully remote team.

Other Recent Projects

Request It

An application for collecting and inspecting HTTP/webhook requests. Built with Node, Express and Postgres.


A project manager inspired by Trello built with Node, Express, MongoDB and React/Redux.


A todo list management application built using vanilla JavaScript, Handlebars, HTML and CSS.

About Me

I’m a software engineer with years of experience in the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems. Recently, I co-created Able, an open-source A/B testing framework for Jamstack applications.

I fell in love with software engineering and web design because of the adrenaline rush I felt solving problems. My work philosophy revolves around communicating clearly, writing clean, maintainable code and passing on knowledge to help my teammates succeed.

As a life-long learner, I believe in a fundamentals-first approach to building new skills. By deconstructing complex topics and using effective learning techniques such as deliberate practice, I can quickly ramp up on new technologies, tools, languages and frameworks.

Outside of software engineering, I have many passions, including learning new languages, traveling, hiking, aerial yoga, teaching, cooking, and brewing beer. I’m curious yet grounded and am happiest when I’m exploring, developing new skills and tackling interesting challenges.

Because of my wide and varied interests, I’ve dabbled in a number of careers, including teaching English (in the US and abroad), managing a coffee training program, catering, and event planning.

My journey to the world of software was non-linear, but have found that coding and software design fuel my need for creation, providing meaningful contributions and unravelling mysteries — like understanding dense legacy code. If you feel I’d be a good fit for your team, please reach out!

Get In Touch

I'm currently seeking new opportunities. The best way to get in touch with me is by email. Feel free to reach out, and thanks for stopping by!